1. IGFBP-biomarker quality: immunological methods using antibodies may detect surface antigens from both intact and fragmented IGFBPs. Instead, by novel quantitative Western Ligand Blot (qWLB) only intact (=bioactive) IGFBPs will be detected. This significantly will improve the biomarker quality for your research.

2. All IGFBPs in one single analysis: immunological assays are directed against one specific IGFBP. Thus, it is required to decide which IGFBP is studied. By using qWLB a preselection is no more necessary since all IGFBPs present in a given sample will show up automatically. Important biomarker information is no more lost.

3. Translational research in vertebrates: immunological assays are developed in one species and are not available for all vertebrates. The novel qWLB detects IGFBPs from all vertebrates studied so far. Thus, it is also not required to switch between different assay systems during the experiment or complex studies since qWLB can be used in all species.

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